Now that we’ve managed to get this website up and going and looking pretty good, I have to say that I have had to look at a lot of technical issues when it comes to having this on the server. I haven’t actually had to look into a server repair company yet, but I am working on a backup plan so that the site never really goes down. I’m looking at a bunch of different raid configurations, and it appears as if a raid 10 is probably the one that I want to go with for the site going forward. I’ve heard that raid 10 is a really good raid configuration because it has a lot of redundancy that a raid five server probably doesn’t have.

I get what you’re thinking: why should I care about the fact that this website is hosted on either a raid five or a raid 10 configuration? The answer is simple: if you are looking for some of the great content about international clubbing and other stuff that is included on this site, it is important to remember that there is technology underneath this. Although it may look good on your android phone and may seem like just a regular every day thing, server technology is a lot more important to the way the web is constructed than you might think. I also have decided to go with the raid 10 configurations because I am looking at some of the pricing for raid recovery at, and I have to say that I am surprised at what I’ve seen. I think if you go with a raid 5 servers you are probably going to be taking a lot of risk with your website, and that is certainly something that I do not want to do with . I want to have this as a major resource and I do not want to have to pay for raid recovery down the line. This is why I think probably having the best server array is going to be very beneficial for the site going forward. If anybody knows anybody who offers server specific repairs and/or advice, I would recommend that you contact me through the site. I am definitely in the market for somebody who can help me if the site begins to have any kind of problems or I experienced some kind of server failure.

Anyway, I’ve got a meeting with a couple of local web hosting companies and I am going to look into just what kind of technology they have for the servers. It should be an interesting meeting, to be sure.