Rascals and Caddy’s have been sold, and Coconut’s Beach & Safari Club is changing hands, as prominent Louisville nightclub owner Mark Suna decides “what to do with the next half of my life.”

Terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

Suna, a 38-year-old teetotaler who had been a fixture among area night owls for about 15 years (Lone Star Saloon, Sophie’s, Jock Stop), said he’s burned out and tired of fighting a shift in public opinion against alcohol consumption.

“There’s been a definite downswing in consumption,” he said. “Liquor has become taboo. Some people equate a bar owner with a drug dealer. It’s gone haywire.”

DJ Frank not affected by the sale.

What eventually became Suna’s burden is what the clubs’ new owners describe as a “great business opportunity.”

Bruce Hicks, manager and co-owner of Rascals in the Watterson Towers on Bishop Lane, said: “This is an established business, a sound investment. It is centrally located (near Watterson Expressway’s intersection with Bardstown Road). I fell in love with this place.”

Suna founded Rascals nine years ago on the site