When a hard drive fails, most of us get panic and need to know how can we fix it? The problem is hard drive problems normally can?t fix by the owners themselves and therefore the data recovery companies exist to help them. However, it will be useful to know some common hard drive problems.

Head Crash is one most common hard drive problem reported so far. When a drive fails, the heads come into physical contact with the platters, which contain the information. This is called a “head crash”, which does not allow the hard drive to perform well. Head crash normally accompanied with a clicking sound or a scraping sound. Anyhow, you can?t fix this at your home as it requires a lot of training and a clean room. Another hard drive problem is Electronics Damage. This is actually a physical or electrical damage happens to the electronic PCB board of a hard drive. Other most common problem with hard drives is Stuck Spindle. Spindles spin the platters under the heads, lock up and won’t move. This problem comes with a whining sound. This is actually a very dangerous problem as it may damage the whole system of the hard drive. When hard drive problems occur, I usually call Hard Drive Recovery Associates from Irvine, CA to get help.

There are some home-methods of recovering the data from a hard drive. Though using these methods are not highly recommended due to the lower chance of getting a good result, you can try as primary methods. However, if these are not worked it is highly recommended to consults a company who are doing this job in a professional manner. For example, you can “”freeze”” the hard drives by placing them in freezers. This occasionally works by correcting a spindle lockup problem. If your hard drive problem gets solved by this small attempt, you are lucky. Though this method is commonly used, it can cause several other issues, therefore not highly recommended.

Another hard drive problem commonly reported is electrical problem. To fix these problem many home users used to switch out of the electronics board of the drive with a similar or exact model electronics board. Sometimes this would work but this isn’t also recommended. These boards include very specific information for the operation. Therefore, using the wrong board on a drive can cause a head crash. This may come with platter damages subsequently.

Therefore, when you are using home methods, you should be more careful. Those methods can cause severe damages to the hard drive, which will end up with no use. After those get damaged due to improper methods, even an expert can?t fix them.