How Deviated Septum And Snoring Are Linked?

The septum is supposed to separate the nostrils, but if it is deviated, it is not straight, so this can lead to serious snoring problems. When the airflow is not normal through the nostrils, the person breaths through the mouth, and since the airflow is restricted in this area, it causes vibrations and snoring. This type of problem must be medically treated, so the stop snoring pillows and mouthpieces usually cannot help.dss

The septum can get deviated due to some injury, and it causes constant inflammation and even bleeding. On the other hand, this problem can lead to another, the sleep apnea is where the nose passages are completely blocked, and the person cannot breathe normally. This can be very annoying since in most cases the patient must get up in the middle of the night in order to catch some air. This problem should not be self-treated, because only the doctors can fix the septum, usually through surgery. The most usual procedure includes removing all obstructions in the septum, if that causes the problem. If there are …

Comedy Clubs Remain A Serious Moneymaker

Stand-up comic Joy Behar, a former secretary who worked for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” parlayed her exposure at clubs like Catch a Rising Star and the Greene Street Cafe, into her own talk show (“Way Off Broadway with Joy Behar”) on the Lifetime network. Mario Cantone, another talented young comic, was recently signed up as the host of a new children’s show for WWOR called “Steam Pipe Alley.” And Colin Quinn is now the announcer on MTV’s new show “Remote Control,” a show hosted by yet another stand-up veteran, Ken Ober.

There isn’t enough room here to list the many other comics who’ve derived TV (ahem, Brian Mung), film or commercial work from appearing in the clubs. It’s safe to say, however, that their number is rapidly growing, and, good or bad, the end appears to be nowhere in sight.

“It’s a situation that is accelerating at a very rapid pace,” observes Cary Hoffman, owner of the uptown club Stand-Up New York, “and one which is altering stand-up tremendously. We’re seeing comics today developing cleaner, more generic acts–television

Manage The Ticket Queue With Service Desk Software

mttqsWhat is ticket management? How does service desk software fulfill the function of ticket management? These are two important questions you will want to ask before you even consider doing a trial run of the service desk software. When the customer has a query or concern, he or she would either call the toll free number or send an email to the given customer care center. This is called raising a ticket. This is logged in by the person or system that receives the query. From this point on and until it is resolved, it falls into a queue. It is only after the representative has been able to resolve the issue for the customer that it can be closed. This whole process may take hours or even days in certain cases. However, it is the responsibility of the customer care representative or the company to ensure this process is executed smoothly and efficiently. The bottom line is customer satisfaction.

Any method of approach that can achieve 100% satisfaction for the customer can only be a worthwhile investment. In …

Cabaret Continues To Perform

There’s a lot to celebrate during the Manhattan Association of Clubs and Cabarets’ (MAC) Annual Cabaret Month. The past year has seen unprecedented progress for clubs large and small, and cabaret as an art form is in better shape than at any time since the mid-1960s.

Many factors have contributed to the continuing boom in the field, and the boom itself has produced some interesting side results. After long years of drought and neglect, the genre has finally reached the flash point where success in and of itself breeds more success. It’s still not an easy business, but it’s no longer like pulling teeth to get attention from the press and public.

Despite the high rents in Manhattan and all the other negative economic factors involved in starting any new, small business, it’s been a banner year for new cabarets and established enterprises opening or re-opening cabaret rooms as an expansion of their regular business. The growth curve, once led by the explosive expansion of comedy clubs, now seems to be steady and right across the board.


Common Hard Drive Problems

When a hard drive fails, most of us get panic and need to know how can we fix it? The problem is hard drive problems normally can?t fix by the owners themselves and therefore the data recovery companies exist to help them. However, it will be useful to know some common hard drive problems.

Head Crash is one most common hard drive problem reported so far. When a drive fails, the heads come into physical contact with the platters, which contain the information. This is called a “head crash”, which does not allow the hard drive to perform well. Head crash normally accompanied with a clicking sound or a scraping sound. Anyhow, you can?t fix this at your home as it requires a lot of training and a clean room. Another hard drive problem is Electronics Damage. This is actually a physical or electrical damage happens to the electronic PCB board of a hard drive. Other most common problem with hard drives is Stuck Spindle. Spindles spin the platters under the heads, lock up and won’t move. This problem comes with a whining sound. This is actually a very dangerous problem as it may damage the whole system of the hard drive. When hard drive problems occur, I usually call Hard Drive Recovery Associates from Irvine, CA to get help.

There are some home-methods of recovering the data from a hard drive. Though using these methods are not highly recommended due to the lower Continue reading →

Rap Master Who?

How many divisions does the pope of Walden Puddle have? Several, political commentators like to say, since when Garry Trudeau draws a line, millions of eyes faithfully follow it to the end, even when the end involves a tour of President Reagan’s brain–though in the case of Reagan’s brain, sundry newspapers dropped an editorial curtain over the offending comic strip, and the millions must have dwindled. Trudeau is a valuable man, in short, and it’s very nice to see him collaborating with Elizabeth Swados on “a partisan revue” at The Village Gate. There are seventeen songs in the revue, each more partisan than the last. “Rap Master Ronnie,” the title song, offers a rap routine intended as a “Reagan Campaign Message to Minority Voters,” in which the President soullessly recites herky-jerky rhymes over funk rhythms, while Secret Service agents breakdance and chant backups. “Say, we want Ron, the cat’s pure sex,/he’s the man who signs your monthly welfare checks.” In “The Class of 1984,” four revolting yuppies croon, “We’re entry-level assholes on the rise” and come out for social

Fresh News: New Orleans Club Adopts Air Cleaners

Everything in New Orleans is funky – everything but the air.

Buck Sardi, co-owner of Ponchartrain Air Conditioning, a 10 year old contractor, enjoys a project that presents a challenge, particularly when the project is new and there are lots of parts to the puzzle. Mr. Sardi has seen this type of thing before when he partnered with a company and provided AC repair in Southeast Houston, Texas, but rarely in the Big Easy.

One of Sardi’s most recent challenges was to engineer and install climate control for City Lights, a chic new night spot in the heart of New Orleans’ revitalized warehouse district.

In a sense, City Lights was already a success, thanks to a sister club, Ditka’s City Lights, i downtown Chicago. Given New Orleans’ burgeoning visitor trade and a proven formula, the owners believed the club had excellent potential and were very specific about what they wanted.

A top priority was a pleasing, humidity-balanced environment–a tall order for a club that sits four blocks from a river in a city known for its 90 F, 90 percent RH climate. The second requirement was for air that was free of odors and smoke.

The building that houses City Lights is a stately turn-of-the-century structure with brick

Just Where Do The Actors In New York Hang?

On the circuit of hangouts, watering holes, taverns, gin joints (of all the gin joints in all the world . . .), eateries, saloons, grilles, speakeasies, et al, that are frequented by every conceivable member of the big town’s performing-arts community, the above quotes sum it up. It’s the fantastic range of choice–first, of where to go, and second, of what to choose once you get there–that really stands up under scrutiny (and a few cocktails). Surprised? Would this be the Big Apple otherwise?

From lush dining extravaganzas to down-and-dirty drinking/carousing, exquisite Old European decor to sawdust and smoke-filled “dart pubs,’ we went “on tour’ to track down the hot spots and cool jewels that among stage and screen folks are where it’s at these days.

Approximately 25 joints were chosen and visited, primarily on the basis of tradition and word-of-mouth from those who know–a “straw poll,’ if you will. There was an amazing litany of responses from various personnel on the trail–after they got over the initial fear that they were under Board of Health investigation or something–and, …

Remembering London’s Club Scene

Despite general gloom in the entertainment world, nightclubs for the young and seriously trendy are the happening scene (as they say in the business)

FOUR o’clock on a Sunday morning in Trafalgar Square, there are usually a couple of hundred people waiting at bus stops. Some wear scruffy bomber jackets, some shiny leggings, some are in black with their faces painted white. In Brixton, Notting Hill, a Hackney an Camden, hundreds more wander along the pavements, some off to bed, some to another club.

London is Europe’s main clubbing city. Rome and Madrid have big scenes, Berlin and Amsterdam have variety, but only London has the size and the mix. According to the British Tourist Authority, in 1989 4% of European tourists said they came to dance. The Japanese are joining in, too: Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues in the West End has a regular crowd of Japanese in impeccable designer scruff.

New York has the high-fashion film-star clubs, but London has a bigger grassroots scene. Part of London’s advantage lies in its relative racial harmony. Blacks, who make most of

The POS Systems Industry Reawakens

The sixteenth annual POS Today conference attracted fewer than 300, about 10 of whom were representing merchants. Of the 40 or so bankers in attendance, only two were from banks that issue cards.

Conference chairman Stephen S. Cole of Cash Station Inc. lamented those low numbers during a session on pricing strategies, pointing out that issuers and merchants are two key groups in setting point of sale? and pos systems pricing.

While POS debit has its faults, “it’s a whole lot better than other payment systems I’ve seen.”

“The more plastics you carry in your wallet, the happier you are,” he said.

Exhibitors also expressed disappointment at the low turnout, a 25% drop from last year.

Nearly all the exhibitors complained that they were spending more time talking to each other than to potential clients.

One vendor suggested that POS Today is completely indistinguishable from another Faulkner & Gray conference, Debit Card Forum. He suggested that the two conferences merge, “to eliminate the redundancies, you know, just like the banks are doing.”

Rumors about a merger between BankAmerica Corp.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Anti-Wrinkle Creams

images-03The effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams is the subject of many debates up to this date. This is for the reason that there is no definite procedure that can measure its effectives in preventing or reducing wrinkles. The skin type of consumers is a significant variable to consider. People have different skin types. Therefore, it is hard to tell if the anti-wrinkle cream is really effective or not. Some products may be effective on particular skin types while others may not. The lifestyle of the consumers can also affect the results. If the consumer keeps a healthy diet, wears sunscreen all the time and avoids drinking and smoking while using an anti-wrinkle cream, she may notice considerable improvements after two months. The active ingredients that make up the anti-wrinkle cream are also very important factors that should be regarded. You may have heard about people switching from one product to another because they are not contented with the results. If you want to avoid getting into this kind of situation, you should read the reviews about the 10 best wrinkle …

The Server Technology Behind PodHammer!

Now that we’ve managed to get this website up and going and looking pretty good, I have to say that I have had to look at a lot of technical issues when it comes to having this on the server. I haven’t actually had to look into a server repair company yet, but I am working on a backup plan so that the site never really goes down. I’m looking at a bunch of different raid configurations, and it appears as if a raid 10 is probably the one that I want to go with for the site going forward. I’ve heard that raid 10 is a really good raid configuration because it has a lot of redundancy that a raid five server probably doesn’t have.

I get what you’re thinking: why should I care about the fact that this website is hosted on either a raid five or a raid 10 configuration? The answer is simple: if you are looking for some of the great content about international clubbing and other stuff that is included on this site, it is important to remember that there is technology underneath this. Although it may look good on your android phone and may seem like just a regular every day thing, server technology is a lot more important to the way the web is constructed than you might think. I also have decided to go with the raid 10 configurations because I am looking at some of the pricing for data recovery services, and I have to say that I am surprised at what I’ve seen. I think if you go with a raid 5 servers you are probably going to be taking a lot of risk with your website, Continue reading →

Clubs Change Hands In Louisville

Rascals and Caddy’s have been sold, and Coconut’s Beach & Safari Club is changing hands, as prominent Louisville nightclub owner Mark Suna decides “what to do with the next half of my life.”

Terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

Suna, a 38-year-old teetotaler who had been a fixture among area night owls for about 15 years (Lone Star Saloon, Sophie’s, Jock Stop), said he’s burned out and tired of fighting a shift in public opinion against alcohol consumption.

“There’s been a definite downswing in consumption,” he said. “Liquor has become taboo. Some people equate a bar owner with a drug dealer. It’s gone haywire.”

DJ Frank not affected by the sale.

What eventually became Suna’s burden is what the clubs’ new owners describe as a “great business opportunity.”

Bruce Hicks, manager and co-owner of Rascals in the Watterson Towers on Bishop Lane, said: “This is an established business, a sound investment. It is centrally located (near Watterson Expressway’s intersection with Bardstown Road). I fell in love with this place.”

Suna founded Rascals nine years ago on the site